Current Projects

The projects listed below were chosen in two rounds of an RFP competition that started in January, 2009. In all, we received more than 600 proposals from 39 countries and gave out almost $3 million in research funding. In the first round, we received 325 initial proposals and chose 17 of those to invite for full proposal. We then chose four from among the final 17 to fund. In the second round, we received 327 initial proposals and chose 27 of those to invite for full proposal. We then chose nine from among the final 27 to fund.

Projects Funded in the First Round RFP

The Causes, Manifestations and Consequences of Generosity, Christian Smith, Sociology, University of Notre Dame

The Inherent Sociality of Generosity and Altruism, James Andreoni, Economics, University of California, San Diego

The Social Contagion of Generosity, Nicholas Christakis, Sociology, Harvard University

The Family Cycle of Kindness and Generosity, Ariel Knafo, Psychology, Hebrew University

Religious Institutions and Generosity: Catholicism and Islam, Carolyn Warner, Political Science, Arizona State University

Projects Funded in the Second Round RFP

Attachment Formation, Compassion and Generosity, Omri Gillath, Psychology, University of Kansas

Does Microfinancing Promote Generosity? Rohini Pande, Public Policy, Harvard University

The Foundations of Marital Generosity, Bradford Wilcox, Sociology, University of Virginia

The Neural Circuitry Underlying Altruistic Behavior, Stephanie Brown, Psychology, SUNY Stonybrook and University of Michigan

Generosity from an Intercultural Perspective, Pamela Paxton, Sociology, University of Texas at Austin

The Causes and Effects of Workplace Generosity, Sonya Lyubomirsky, Sociology, University of California, Riverside

The Causes of Intergenerational Generosity, Mark Wilhelm, Economics, Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis

The Development of Prosocial Behavior, Felix Warneken, Psychology, Harvard University

The Socioeconomic Basis of Generosity in Britain, Yaojun Li, Manchester University